Tuesday, 16 January 2018

London Week

Arrival Day
After a final goodbye to our host families, it was time to head through security and board. A two hour flight later, we were finally in London, we met Andy and Lise at the airport before heading down to the undergroubd with our brand new Oyster cards. We made it to BP House and settped into our room. Next was time to find some food before we started to plan for our first day in London before bed.

Day 1
After our planning session the night before, we had the whole day planned. We set off straight after breakfast to find a chemist before meeting up with the rest of the group at the royal Albert hall. After we found them in hyde park which was across the road. Next stop was to try and find the memorial to princess Diana, after failing we came across the river Thames where some of us tested the water temp, which was absolutely freezing. We then went to the marble arch without half of the group since they wanted to go to the War Museum. We then headed off to Buckingham Palace on a double decker bus. Next was a walk through of Trafalga Squeare with a stop at McDonald's before we followed the others to Westminster Abbey but since we didnt know how far inside the others were we explored the church that was next door. Then it was Liecester Square where we found M and M world and then bought tickets to Les Miserables for Me Gen and Jack, while the others bought Kinky Boots Tickets.

Day 2
After we arrived home the night before, we had planned today by purchasing London Passes for 66 quid. There were 8 of us who were still up to discuss this so we went along with it and went through the plan. First up was Hop on Hop off Bus to the Tower Of London which we found an awesome experience. Then we headed to the Tower Bridge where we got to walk across the paths that joined the towers which has the glass floors over the bridge and river. We then got to go down to the engines that lift the bridge. After a stop at the gift shop we headed to the Borough markets for lunch then to the London Bridge Experience which was like a horror trip through Histpry. We then up the Shard to see the cloud covered city of London. We yet again split off from the rest as both Gens and I headed home while the others went to the movies. When they got home they told us how bad the cinema was and that it was more like a home movie cinema than anything else. We had had dinner at a sushi place and came home to decide on the next days events since we had tickets to Harry Potter World.

Day 3
We got on the tube to head to Harry Potter world, but to get there we had to get on a double decker bus that was dedicated to Harry Potter world. We arrived amd had a blast going throughbthe making of Harry Potter and we got to try Butter Beer and Butter Beer Ice-cream at the cafe inside the tour. We continued on then spent a ehile in the gift shop before we went to Kings Cross station, the home of platform 9 and 3/4, which was not very interesting in the end. Another Maccas lunch later, we headed back since it was getting late. We stopped at a Tescos to get a 3 quid meal and also some microwave meals. We decided that the next day would be a museums day.

Day 4
My group decided to start the day at the Sciemce museum before heading to the natural history museum then maccas for lunch and Harrods to look around. We then headed to Piccadilly Circus to get to China Town for Dinner at a buffet restaurant before we went to our West end show. Gen and I were extremly excited since we had both always wanted to see Les Miserables on the West End.

Day 5
We didnt want to leave. We had had a blastnin London and were exhausted but still loving out London week. We set about getting ready to leave and stored our luggage in the basement. We then set out on our final day exloring London. We decided on the Victoria and Ablert Museum before heading to an English Afternoon Tea with the other group. Then we headed back to BP house to pick up our bags and catch the tube to the Airport. We said good bye to Andy and Lise before we went through security.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Last Danish Week

The 1st
We had an awesome new years, but we had to wait until well past midday for everyone to get up before we ate breakfast and continue our game of Dungeons and Dragons.

The 2nd we slept late since there was not much to do.

The 3rd and the 4th were both days that i relaxed at home, finding it too hard to go anywhere since I was having problems walking.

The 5th
Freja headed off to school while I stayed home since I had to pack my bag. That night we went to the fundraising activity the group does which is helping to move recyclables around the recycling centre near Slangerup. We then headed home to bed.

The 6th
Tonight was Freya's 18th birthday party out at the farm which started around 6:30 when we started the dinner, it was followed by games like beer pong, a drinking game called waterfall before Gen and I played Speed and Go fish before we headed home around 11:30 as Pia dropped us off then headed back to the party since it wasnt finishing until early morning.

The 7th
The last day was here, we got up early to head to the airport where I said farewell to my wonderful host family before heading off through the airport. We landed in London late so didnt do anything except get on the underground and settle into BP House. We then ventured out to find some food before we started to plan for the next day.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Years is nearing the end....

The 28th was the day that we got to use one of our gifts from Christmas which was a turpas plus pass, which gave us an unlimited amount of rides at Tivoli Theme Park in Copenhagen. we already had entry since we had tickets to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret later that night. We spent the whole day there going on as many rides as we could fit, and looking at all the Christmas displays they had. Frejas parents met up with us later on so that we could get dinner at a sushi place before we watched the show. Since there was a waitlist to get in we headed down to the aquarium to kill some time, where we figured out that our turpas plus pass got us more than just free rides, we also got aquarium entrance, a free spin at one of the show games, a free honey cake and Virtual Reality on the Demon. after we finished at the aquarium we headed to dinner before going to collect our honey cakes, which come with icing and stuff to decorate them. Then it was time to head to the Glass Hall which housed the Crazy Christmas Cabaret with a star wars theme this year and was called Planetrump, with characters such as Ronald Rump, Luke Skystalker and Princess Liar. the show was one of the best I have ever seen. After the show, we still had time to go on rides since the park didn't close until 11pm so I went on the demon since there was no line at all. the first time I did it with the Virtual Reality then the second time I didn't so that I could watch the view, which was really pretty with all of Copenhagen lit up.

The 29th we headed back out to the farm since they were home today and we fed the horses more carrots and went for a walk with all the dogs and saw quite a lot of the property before heading home again only to leave a couple hours later to go to one of the scout leaders houses to plan for scouts next year.

The 30th was the day we went to explore Copenhagen which is a beautiful city. our first stop was the Hans Christian Anderson Statue and museum as well as the city hall. we then drove over to the Opera House and parked there to catch the Ferry over the river to continue our tour. we headed Nyhavn, which means new harbour where we got waffle sticks which were covered in Nutella and nuts, we ate those on the way to the Royal Palace to watch the changing of the guard ceremony, before heading over to the little mermaid statue and the old military fort that was nearby. next stop was somewhere for lunch which ended up at Joe and the Juice, the same place we ate lunch in when we were in Tivoli. we then headed up the Round Tower which is where they used to observe the stars since it was tall enough to get out of the city lights. the last stop was the Lego Shop and a souvenir shop before heading home.

The 31st, the last day of the year was full of fun. First, we headed to get some extra fireworks before Fraja and I got dropped off at the party, we had fun talking and then watched the queens speech and a show called dinner for one before the clock struck midnight which is when we jumped off of furniture and onto the floor and celebrated with some champagne. next was the fireworks the Rie, Gen and I had brought. We were setting them off until about 1:30am when we headed inside to start plaing Dungeons and Dragons, which for me was the first time ever and was lots of fun. we all got into bed after 4am and were all asleep at 5. I got up later at 11 and had to wait almost 3 hours for everyone else to get up for breakfast and more dungeons and dragons. then we headed home to end our New Years celebrations by lighting the last of the fireworks.

This is the mess we had made from the fireworks.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

🎄 Christmas 🎄

Saturday the 23rd
After a nice sleep in until 10, we finally got out of bed for breakfast, which is where I found out that there was a Tv Crew coming at 1pm to talk to us for the news. we decided that while Pia and Freja were shopping, we were going to clean the house, I vacuumed the living room, diing room and Freja and my bedroom before I finished wrapping the christmas gifts I had bought. the crew arrive almost on the dot at 1 and we got lapel mics and straight away we got into it. We had a list of what we had to do today that Freja read out since it was in Danish, we started off by wrapping some of the handmade soap and candles that were gifts for grandparents, aunts and unles and talking about why I came to Denmark. Next we start to made some marcipan which they call confectionary since we decorate it with chocolates and such. We had lunch once the crew had left, and decorated the real Christmas tree as well as rearranging the living room. At 6pm Emelie came to pick me up since we were going to watch the new Star Wars movie which is English but with Danish subtitles. We stopped at the local Maccas for dinner before heading to a lolly shop to get food for the movies. The movie was great though. We hadn't made it out of the mall that the cinema is in, before we got stuck in the elevator since it was after hours and the buttons were locked on the inside. (To be fair it was already past Midnight) On the way home we got to watch the segment they filmed today since we missed it when it aired at 7:30pm.

Gen and I waiting for Star Wars to start

Sunday the 24th
Finally, Christmas eve, for us in Australia it is a day to get ready for Christmas, where as here it is the main day of Christmas, doing some rearranging of the dining room to fit every one in, we had an enormous dinner with roast duck and pork and tradition dishes like sugar potatoes and the red cabbage stuff. After everyone one was full from the main course we had a visit from Santa to give gifts to the kids in the house, I wasnt expecting it but Santa even gave Freja and I gifts, we got scratch maps to scratch off the countries we had visited. After Santa left we sat down for dessert which was chocolate mouse with a game attatched where there were 3 white almonds in the dessert and whoever found one got a present. Freja and I helped her two little cousins to light the candles that were on the tree after we lit the ones on top. Next we held hands in a circle and walked around the Christmas tree singing Danish Christmas songs, before it was time to open the Presents. I got some lovely danish gifts which included a ticket to Tivoli, the major theme park in Copenhagen. After that most people left while we stayed and talked about the gifts I had given the family, which included an Australian Monopoly, hand made wooden pens made from Australian wood that my father made and Down Under Bowes which were full of Aussie snacks. After a while we went to bed as we would be busy the next day.
The Tree, with lit candles

Monday the 25th
Today we were going to be setting up for the Christmas lunch that would happen on the 26th. We left home at around 10 and started to clean the tables and chairs we would need the next day. We set them out, then added table clothes and candles to each. We had lunch together before Freja and I made pigs in blankets before Pia joined us for a dinner of left overs from the night before. We headed home and were watching Top Gear before evryone headed off to bed.

Tuesday the 26th
We still had some setting up to do at Frejas grandparents house for the lunch later in thw day, we added the glasses to the table, serviettes and stacked the plates on the big table before everyone arrived, we also printed out papers with who was sitting at each table and a menu for the lunch as well. The lunch was really good with loads of food. After everyone had finished eating we set up to play bingo before most people left and we had a dinner of the left overs. We haded home after 9 and watched a Danish movie and MASH before going to bed.

Wednesday the 27th
Today we took all the decorations down so we could take the tree to some of my host families friend who had a farm with sheep that love the trees, we fed the horses some carrots before heading to the beach. I felt the water and it was sooooo cold, which was fine since we were just gonna walk along the beach anyway. We were there for a couple of hours before heading to the shops to get stuff for dinner then home to bed since we were going to be getting up at 9am the next morning, but none of us actually slept until the early hours of the morning.

London Week

Arrival Day After a final goodbye to our host families, it was time to head through security and board. A two hour flight later, we were f...